over 100 million in returns.  

Lanyard Grandelli has a long history of sourcing the most strategic, profitable investments for their clients. Utilizing a proprietary system involving complex metadata and in-depth market knowledge, we ensure that the property selection maximizes every relevant factor according to each investor’s particular financial demands.  This includes, but is not limited to, rental cap rates, historical value appreciation, and leverage preferences.  


Over the last 10+ years LG has been proven savvy advisors to our investors who have successfully resold their properties for 25-85% greater than initial acquisition value.  

LG ensures maximization of market cycles by advising the most suitable market moment in which to liquidate the property and due to our vast network of clientele and investors, domestic and abroad, can often liquidate properties to incoming clients without ever having to reach the open market.  

Property Management

GLP Management LLC, owned and operated by Lanyard Grandelli, is our private management company which oversees all our 40+ currently leased properties.  We facilitate all marketing and promotional aspects of the rental, negotiate all lease terms directly with the tenants, and coordinate for automatic payments of incoming rents and outgoing monthly carrying charges.  The entire system is designed so that LG clients can hold these valuable assets worry-free.  We also work exclusively with our Trust and Estate and Tax attorneys to ensure least liability and tax consequences.

Investing applies to every aspect of the market, including the selection of properties at the $10+M range, where our strong counsel is crucial to ensure an appreciating asset---in recent years many unwise buyers have made headlines having to sell 10-30M properties at egregious losses.  We ensure success.